Whether in times of crisis or distress, demands of high growth, preparing a business sale, or for investment, our Mission is to enable organizations to improve fundamental business performance, re-invent their business, generate strategic growth, and lead their people through times of transformational change.

Unlike other consultancy agencies, we don’t lure people in with your typical empty buzz-words or vague promises of an abstract and generalised concept of success, and we certainly don’t assume that all businesses can be improved through the same one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead, with a wealth of experience in a wide range of market sectors, all the Executive at PCW Consulting Group have created, built, bought, sold and worked in companies varying from start-ups to SMEs to international blue-chip PLCs. So whatever you’ve been through, whatever you’ve not been through (yet) and wherever you want to take your business to, we’ve done it, we’ve got the tee-shirt. Intimately, we know how to formulate the best tailor-made specific strategies catered to your personal needs and those of your business. We identify areas for improvement and perceptively pin-point key issues, providing bespoke solutions to get your business to where you want it to be.

We at PCW Consulting Group are unique and boutique because our trusted advisors draw their expertise from their own personal experience as entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and c-suite executives, as well as their broad knowledge of emerging business strategies and market trends. Whether your view is to improve efficiency, to advance the personal development of your team, to tackle a specific disruption, or even to sell your business, we’re by your side providing adaptive and innovative solutions to allow you to achieve your goals.