No matter the crisis, strong leadership is crucial to the survival of any business.  Whether it is the loss of a top client, the drying up of a pipeline, a major incident, a capital event, accelerating issues with cash flow, banks going bust, an oil crisis, negative fiscal policy, or a COVID-19 pandemic – experts, trustworthy and experienced advice is essential.  

Having been through the four largest economic crashes since the Second World War, starting with the oil crisis of the 1970s, the executive team at Ingenium Talent have seen all perspectives of crisis impacts, business distress, business turnaround, and the growth opportunities which times of turmoil often also present. 

Regarding COVID-19, we welcome and applaud the support for businesses by the government and other institutions. However, we understand that small grants and short-term loans are not sustainable.  The team at PCW Consulting have previously survived and prospered through immense financial crashes when they were SME business owners. We know how you feel, but more importantly, we have the expertise and experience to guide you through these times of adversity. We’ve been there and done it ourselves!

For some businesses, our Virtual Back Office solutions may be one of the answers in times of adversity.  Streamline your business processes and back office, whilst dramatically cutting your non-productive overhead costs, by outsourcing the back-office support work to the team at Ingenium Talent. We have vast and highly expert experience in providing back office solutions, so you can trust that we will give you the help you need to negotiate a crisis whilst keeping your operational capability, so that the revenue is still coming-in but with the headroom of a lower recurring cost base.  

Whilst some of us at Ingenium Talent has worked with large corporations, you might be surprised to learn that our executive team have all founded businesses, built SMEs and right now, are mainly SME-focused in our operational support. We are grounded, and plain-talking, and we want to help your business and get you focused on a new path of growth. 

We are the driving force to get you on the road to success.