The PCW Consulting Group’s Executive Team have experienced or manned the front line as employees, directors, and business owners during the great financial crises of the 70s, 80s, 90s and, of course, the prolonged period of low/negative growth, rising unemployment and financial austerity following the banking and financial crisis that began in the UK in 2008.

Whether there has been the loss of a top client, the drying up of a pipeline, a major incident, a capital event, accelerating issue with cashflow, banks going bust, an oil crisis, negative fiscal policy, or the challenge of a COVID-19 pandemic, strong leadership, visibility, vehemently urgent and rigorous action is needed to safeguard your business or it will fail. You need good people around you who you can completely trust with the company that you have built personally and who totally get it, what it means to you.

Having been through the past four largest economic crashes since the Second World War, the Exec Team at PCW Consulting Group has seen all perspectives of business distress, turnaround and the growth opportunities that such torrid times can often present. They all have worked with or been shareholders, directors or at various levels of seniority during the sometimes-immense swings and diverse challenges that all companies go through from time to time anyway, let alone fully blown global crises. There are key steps that need to happen during any major business distress, along with some pitfalls to avoid along the way. In respect of Coronavirus, we welcome and applaud the government support and that of some institutions, but the reality is that dishing out small grants, short-term loans or kicking a few repayments or taxes down the road for a few months won’t really fix what’s going to happen in the medium term to your business, nor in some cases, fix some of the issues you have held back addressing all along anyway. It may have been quick in, but history tells us, it won’t be quick out, sadly, it never is.

It’s a lonely 24/7 existence being constantly in the spotlight as the owner-driver of a company. 

We’ve survived and prospered through these sorts of immense crash before as SME business owners ourselves too, so we know how you feel, but most importantly, we know what to do. Don’t be overwhelmed by it  all and as perverse as it may initially sound, please remember not to let a good crisis go to waste! Has there ever been a greater opportunity than the current crisis to rapidly transform your business for the better or take market share too?

Whilst some of us at PCW Consulting Group have done big jobs, our Exec have all been business founders and we are SME focused in our operations. Please be assured that we are totally grounded and plain talking people who really can help you get through a crisis and more than this – get you refocused onto a new path of growth. Together, we can be a winning team!