COVID-19 has changed the workplace and working practices forever. 

Whilst we commend the efforts of Government in lending a helping hand, the furlough scheme is unfortunately coming to an end in March 2021. Additional lockdowns are becoming more common, scientists say the virus will be with us for years, buyer confidence is low: 

All of which has the potential to be cataclysmic for businesses trying to operate with their familiar traditional structures and methods.  

One can alleviate this risk by taking preventative measures now. It would be ideal to be able to reduce non-productive costs and yet, keep your business shape and productivity. 

At PCW Consulting, we know that the COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on all businesses, all sectors and we know that those most affected will be the SME’s. Our team of experts have vast business transformation experience within this segment of industry, and we know how to deal with crisis’s,  El Banco so that  buy generic Lyrica online businesses not only to survive, but thrive

In unstable times, finding a sense of security is paramount. One of the most prudent courses of action for some businesses may be outsourcing some or all of the back-office functionality. This immediately creates savings on overhead costs, so that you can focus your cash on the essential needs of your customers, clients, products, and services.  

Our virtual back office solutions are a quick and easy way to negate stress and traverse turbulent times. We offer expert back office services for, 

  • HR (Strategic and day-to-day) 
  • IT (Regular and home-working) 
  • Finance, etc  
  • Legal and Commercial  
  • Marketing  
  • Sales 
  • Administration  
  • Compliance 

Many of these functions are critical support to the seamless operation of your business but they can often be an added worry too. Let us deal with things behind the scenes, so you can get on with what’s important. 

We offer made-to-measure solutions for individual business, and give you step by step advice to make the transition as seamless as possible. So, whether you want to outsource your entire back office functionality, or just trial things and begin with one section, the team at PCW Consulting Group is ready to help and support your success.  

To find out more about the “Virtual Back Office” get in touch today for an initial discussion in full confidence on or 0800 037 5029